Walking Tall’s Story

Walking Tall’s Story


Tom and I have been making dreams a reality in the automotive business for over 30 years. We are taking the opportunity to use our experiences in a new and different way.

We live in a smaller community where a few years ago a tragic incident took place involving a teen girl. She was intentionally stalked and assaulted by 3 teenage boys, at a local community building that should be a safe haven for all teens. As a father of 2 daughters and a live-in nephew, Tom was deeply affected by the teen violence and wrestled with the question of how this could happen. It became evident these young men who committed the crime didn’t have men in their lives teaching them good character and respect. It was at this point; Tom felt compelled to gather good men to do something about this!!!

Three years ago Tom found some of those good men, started the ministry “Walking Tall Southern Oregon” and crafted this mission statement. “Walking Tall is where compassionate life-coaching men, will utilize authentic Christ sharing relationships, to focus on teen young men, creating hands-on experiences in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, automotive, fitness, outdoors and any other activity that will build personal respect, integrity and character”. Since then we have seen the lives of young men impacted by caring adults showing genuine interest, teaching useful skills, instilling good character and respect. In turn we see these teens gain confidence, good character, occupational skills and hope found in a God who loves them. As we develop young men, we will see an improved workforce, loving husbands and fathers producing stronger families and healthier community passed on to future generations.

We have started weekly automotive and carpentry projects with other activities scheduled monthly. This is a big commitment for us but believe it’s a necessary step to accomplish the mission

As you can see, there’s an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of young men and communities, but we can’t accomplish this project without you. We need you to invest in the lives of these young men through your involvement in sharing your skills and your finances. We are starting with a ministry budget of $2500/month, which includes shop costs and some time taken away from my business. This amount is equivalent to just 100 gifts of $25 a month payable to WalkingTall. Would you consider how much of that amount you could cover? Your donation or monthly pledge, no matter how large or small will help build a future and a hope for teen young men.


Thank you for caring about lost and hurting young people,

Tom Smurzynski                               

Walking Tall Director