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Above all Love Bonds Them Together 11-4-2020

It is impressive to watch and observe how mentors and young men connect here at WT. In the welding fabrication shop, these young men share their excitement about what they learned and have accomplished at the end of each WT night. Their mentor has made quite a personal impact on each of them. Below is a couple of them expressing this.” When I first figured out about Walking Tall, I was playing games with my friends. My dad came in and started talking to me right away. He told me to put on some pants and get in the car. Once we got there, people were greeting me and being nice; after we talked to Tom and Paul for a little bit, it was time to sit down and eat. We finished praying; we got to eat good food made for everyone.
Now, after going for about six months, I have finished my first project. I had built a handrail all by myself. It took a while because I had to learn how to weld and use all of the tools. Now I Have a great time every time I go. I get to try new things and get to have fun with my mentor Jerry. Jerry is one of my favorite people there. He is fun, and he helps me with all the stuff I need. If I need help finding a tool, he can help me find it.”

“Since joining about a year ago, Walking Tall has been such a great spiritual influence in
my life. There are so many wonderful, loving, helpful, kind mentors that are there to help
me and others learn the word of God and hands-on skills. I have especially appreciated
Jerry, a mentor in the welding department. He is so smart and has become a wonderful
friend. I am grateful for Walking Tall and for Tom and Judy.”
Camden – Age 13

Exodus Chapter 31, speaks of the gift, if you will, of creation. We are made in the image
of the Creator, so it is no surprise to see the fruits of creation produced by these young
In Exodus, God showed them how to cut stone, to form metal, to create as God had shown, to produce it as God had said. That God has not changed and I see these same gifts in the
young men of Walking Tall. I am partial to the metal shop, but as I look at the other departments I see as verse 3 says, “And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship.”
I see God still imparting as He wills, in the woodshop, in the computer room, small engine, metal and construction departments. We the Body, the Church, Walking Tall are to use these imparted gifts to build and glorify Gods kingdom, Act 3:6 “Silver and gold have I None; but such as I have give I thee.” In all things, word and deed glorify God!!! Now, go tell somebody about Jesus!!!
Mentor Jerry